Being Thankful by Celebrating our Uniqueness

This is a post that's been brewing in my mind for a while, and Thanksgiving seems like a great opportunity to share it. (For the non-U.S. readers, don't worry. This post still applies.) I had the chance to travel to a conference in Boston this month that was all about search engine rankings and marketing in general. One idea that I kept hearing again and again was to make the most of the resources you already have. The reasoning wasn't because it's cheaper and easier to pull those resources together... because it's actually not easier to look at what you have and find a new way to use it. The easy solution is to buy more, but our economy can tell the tale that buying more -- especially when you don't have the resources -- isn't the best solution.

The reason to use the resources we already have is that they help to distinguish who we are. Our unique attributes help us to stand out in a world of "mostly same." The CEO who is also a sculptor stands out more than the CEO who just loves his job. The artist who only paints designs on discarded building materials stands out more than the artist who simply paints on canvas. There's a story there. There's a reason to find out more about these people.

Being unique not only allows us to create a point of intrigue, but it also affords us an opportunity to show gratitude for what makes us stand out.

As teenagers, we do as much as possible to blend in with the crowd. If we can just fit in, then we won't get picked on, and we won't become a target. But, as we grow into the adults that we want to become, we have to decide whether or not we will celebrate who we are.

If we're embarrassed about our unique characteristics, then we're simply going to try to blend in again. Or, we're going to try to buy new characteristics that will make us into better people. Certainly, the new version of us will be more appealing, right?

But how many times do we have to reinvent ourselves before we find a version that we're pleased with?

We already possess characteristics and quirks worth celebrating. What if we were simply grateful for who we already are? We could focus more on sharing that quirky characteristics to help enrich the world.

I've been on a big kick lately to examine what I can uniquely bring to my work environment, to my family, and to groups I'm a part of. By focusing on what I'm uniquely suited for, I allow room for others to contribute their unique gifts. I can not only celebrate who I am but who they are, as well. (Look at that. Two opportunities for gratitude at the same time!)

This week, take a moment to consider what characteristics and quirks you can celebrate and be grateful for. And next week, rock them out. Look for ways to highlight those characters, to be you x3 as Mars Dorian says.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Image Source: Thomas Hawk