Content Consumption and the Mobile Web provides a fantastic infographic on the way we consume content on mobile and desktop devices. I don't generally do a lot of straight re-posting content from other sites with this blog, but this infographic was something I had to share.

Outbrain - which I'd not heard of before, but will be reading more regularly - shared this infographic last month about the way we consume online media. Some of the stats yielded results I expected, but I was surprised by several of the findings. (Mind you, these stats are based on the traffic from Outbrain's network, and not the internet as a whole.)

Take, for instance, that articles had a 34% higher click-thru rate (CTR) on smart phones than desktops, or that tablets had 29% higher CTR for video than desktop. Speaking of video, smart phone users engage more with travel and business & finance videos on the phone instead of their desktops (see the graphic for how drastically different the numbers are). But, desktop users engage all other video content categories more.

Regarding information that makes a lot of common sense, desktop content consumption peaks at noon, while mobile content consumption peaks at 9 p.m. So, all the workers check a few articles on their lunch break on their computers, and mobile users finally have a chance to catch up on their reading in the evening. Even though the stat makes a lot of sense, it's still interesting to see them charted out, in this case.

I don't want to simply recount every stat from the chart, so I'll just ask you: what number on the infographic below surprises you most? Do you find that these numbers make sense according to the way you consume online content?

Let me know in the comments section.

how we consume content on mobile and desktop
how we consume content on mobile and desktop

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