How Nonprofit Organizations Can Find the Time to Communicate

Nonprofit organizations are probably never overstaffed, so each person working for the organization has to crazy-ninja manage their time to cover as many tasks as possible. One of the tasks that easily gets overlooked because it's not an emergency is online communication. It's terribly easy to push it off for one more day. The trick is to make communication as easy and enjoyable as possible.

On the Go

Does your organization host events? Grab your cell phone and start snapping some pics. With your phone set to auto-upload imagery, you can share what's happening on social media any time. Google+ and Facebook now make this incredibly easy.

Record a quick video on your phone or tablet and upload it to YouTube. Keep your organization in front of people so they'll remember you when you need their help the most. Even if you don't need something from them directly, keeping your organization out there helps people remember your cause.

Every time I see a Kiva video, I think about ways to help the less fortunate. And we've all seen plenty of animal rights commercials to make us more mindful of the treatment of pets and strays in our neighborhoods.

The Deliberate Route

post-it notes
post-it notes

Not every communication can take place on the go. It's like communication with a friend. If all of your time to interact with one another was done through post-it notes, you might feel as though your connection isn't too deep.

Once a week, once a month, whatever your schedule will allow, write out a blog post or an email newsletter. Just create something that has a more in-depth approach. People join nonprofits to be a part of a community, something larger than themselves. Help create and nurture that bond for them.

And if you know the week ahead is going to be super hectic, then consider using a service like HootSuite to schedule out your social media posts. If you need to send several email messages to the community, use your newsletter service to schedule those, as well. Batch those messages to help free up time later in the week.

What About You?

Are there any other methods you use to keep your community updated?

Image by myrrh.ahn