Outliers by Malcom GladwellMalcolm Gladwell's book Outliers, The Story of Success is an argument against the idea that successful people just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and achieve fame all on their own. Instead, there are actually a great many factors that contribute towards success: one of those factors being a mentor or guide of some sort. The book relentlessly picks on assumptions about the successful of the world. The successful are not just the lucky ones, although luck or fate or God Himself does equip certain gifted individuals with incredible capabilities. The study goes beyond talents and mentors, however, and covers what other elements may play in to the role of success. Simply being born in the early months of the year can have an effect on hockey players ability to compete in Canada, where children's leagues are measured by strict cutoff dates for age-levels.

Outliers will challenge readers who read the book to figure out how to replicate condition of the world's top executives. Gladwell makes no attempt to explain how to become successful yourself, but he relates fascinating insight about such top achievers as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, The Beatles, and a slew of other, lesser-known giants in their industry.